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Branded Homestays And Bed-And-Breakfast Schemes. It Is No Surprise That Gujarat Has Time And Again Faced A Paucity Of Reasonably –Priced Accommodation, For There Is Unending Streams Of Visitors Both Domestic And Foreign In The High Season, Driving The Engine Of This Initiative Are The Economics And The Cultural Experiences It Affords People. Educational And Cultural Backgrounds Are Some Of The Criteria By Which Subscribes To The Scheme Are Vetted. There Are A Couple Of Recognized Firms Who Have Been Long In The Hospitably Sector Which Have Taken Up The Challenge Of Providing Handpicked Homestays,In An Organized Manner, These Provide Clean And Secure Environs Under An Umbrella Of  Standard Room Services And Facilities. Private Home Stays Across Rajasthan Offer Visitors The Perfect Platform To Interact With Local Communities, Learn The Local Culture By Participating In Their Everyday Rituals And Discover The Living Traditions Of Ancient Festivals, Craft And Social Engagements.

 Rich Across The State – From The Gateway Capital City  To All The Tourist Places ,Guests Finding Home Stays Options That Meet Their Budgets. The Visitors To A Palatial Haveli’ Can Expect To Enjoy An Aristocratic Experience With Close Interactions With The Hosts. A Home Stays At A Local Farm Would Offer A More Rural Perspective To The City Cultural Landscape.

A Guests Might Wants To Experiment With A Sojourn At A Farm, An Aristocrat Ancestral Haveli’ Or A Flat In The State, Under This New Initiative, Visitors Can Enjoy The Attractions And Services That Appeal To Their Sensibilities As Well As To Their Budgets What Is Common To All Is A Prismatic Panorama Of A Rich Culture That Has Engaged The Sensibilities Of Travelers Down The Centuries.

Activities Will Differ From Home To Home And Depending On The Location.In Gujarat  Some Homestays Arrange Safaris By Jeep Or Horseback Into The Countryside, To Visit Tribal Villages And Spot Wildlife. In Plantation And Hill Stations, Hosts Can Take Guests Trekking And Arrange Guided Walks Through Spice Gardens And Forests. Depending On The Family, Many Hosts Will Offer To Take Guests Round The Sights Of Their Town Or Village, Sharing Local Insights And An Experience Far Removed From The Usual Tourist Trudge. Hosts Are Always Happy To Inform A Guest Of Neighborhood Walks Where They Can Get A Feel For The District And Even Meet Some Locals.Several Homestays Can Arrange Activities For Wellbeing Activities Such As Yoga, Ayurvedic Treatments And Massage. It Is Recommended That Guests Experience A Few Meals Of Local Cuisine Cooked By The Family, As There Is Nothing Better Than Home-Cooked Food; Most Hosts Also Offer Cooking Classes To Guests If They Are Interested.

India Is Incredibly Diverse. With Literally Hundreds Of Different Languages, Everything From Style Of Dress To Architecture Changes From State To State And Town To Town, A Local Insight Is Not Just A Luxury, It Is Essential To Getting The Most Out Of This Extraordinary Country. That Is What Makes A Homestay So Ideal For Tourists: The Sights, Smells, Tastes And Traditions Of India Are Experienced Rather Than Just Watched, Lived Rather Than Observed.Home Stay Combines The Comfort And Distinction Of A Hotel With The Personal Hospitality, Informality And Local Knowledge Enjoyed When Staying With Friends And Offer An Insight Into The Culture, Traditions, History And Everyday Life Of An Indian Family. What's More, Guests Get The Chance To Enjoy Authentic Indian Food At Its Very Best — Home Cooked.

The Hosts Pride Themselves On The Individual Attention They Can Give Their Guests, Whether For Comfort, Food, Or Just An Interesting Chat. The Homestays Are Generally Houses Typical To The Region With At Most Around Six Guest Bedrooms


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