Safaris In Gujarat

Camping Is An Outdoor Recreational Activity. The Participants, Known As Campers, Leave Urban Areas, Their Home Region, Or Civilization And Enjoy Nature While Spending One Or Several Nights,.Camping May Involve The Use Of A Tent, A Primitive Structure, A Seasoned Camper – Spent Countless Disturbed Nights Under Canvas Dreaming, Often Literally, Of An Extra Pair Of Socks For Frostbitten Toes. Camping Is Also Used As A Cheap Form Of Accommodation For People Attending Large Open Air Event’s Organizers Will Provide A Field And Basic Amenities. Camping Describes A Range Of Activities. Camping A Form Of Camping By People Who Race (Possibly Adventure Racing) During The Day, And Camp In A Minimalist Way At Night. They Might Use The Basic Items Of Camping Equipment.

A Brief History Of Camping -The Origin Of Camping In A Royal Style Can Betraced To The Battle Times Of Mughal Emperor "Babar" And Later Developed Into A Tourism Concept By The EMPEROR "JAHANGIR" Who While Visiting Kashmir On A Pleasure Trip, To Set Up A Full Royal Camp With PARAPHERNALIA For His Comforts And Entertainments. This Tradition Continued With The Rajput Rulers As Well, For Their Hunting Trips, Outdoor Evenings, Marriage Parties And Royal Gatherings, Where The Folk Dances Performances, Drinks And Special Meals On A Royal Setting Were Provided.

Luxury Camps Have Become The Hippest Way Of Experiencing In Gujarat Also,Beloved By Celebrities, Honeymooners And Peace-Seekers Alike. Over The Past Decade More Than A Dozen Have Sprung Up In The State's Desert And Jungle Areas, Gujarat Is Known For "Hospitality, Landscapes Offset By Colourful Clothes".Evening As We Ride Camels Out Into The Desert To Watch The Sunset, While A Lone Piper Silhouetted Against The Sky Entertains And, Somewhat Incongruously, Around The Campfire We're Wooed With Local Singers And Dancers, Tandoori Snacks.If You Want To Explore The Unexplored Territory Of The Desert Land Of Gujarat In Bhuj Area And Are Looking For A Base To Stay, Then Camping Is A Perfect Option.Tented Camps Which Are Well Equipped With Bedrooms, Camp Cots, Attached Baths And A Kitchen Staff To Take Care Of Your Meals.In The State Of Gujarat,You Can Find Tented Camps At Places Like Dasada / Bhuj / Sasan Gir / Mandavi Beach.Camping Provides You An Ideal Opportunity To Experience The Traditional Hospitality Of Gujarat At Its Best.Besides, You Will Also Get A Chance To Closely View The Rich Culture And Colourful Lifestyle Of Gujarati People.

In Safari Tour Introduce A Uniquely Designed Stat- Of- The Art Kitchen Caravan System.This Enables Us To Offer Fresh, High Quality, Classical Delicacies, Made From Fresh Local Produce Purchased Daily Whilst Out On Tour. The Caravan Enables Us To Offer Fresh, High Quality, Classical Delicacies, Made From Local Produce Purchased Daily At Each City Stop.Our Usual Breakfast Consists Of Cereals, Juices, Bread Or Croissants, Cheese, Fruits, Yoghurt And Eggs As Well As Tea Or Coffee. Also Breakfast May Differ From Hotel To Hotel. Our Vegetarian Lunches Are Usually Served In A Picnic Style Buffet Atmosphere, And A Daily Varied Menu. On A Typical Day, You Can Enjoy From Numerous Dishes Such As Vegetable Curries, Rotes, Nana, Puris, Daal, Raita And Salads. Evening Dinners Are Served Within Your Camp , You Will Also Have A Further Choice Of A -Vegetarian Dish To Accompany The Various Other Dishes That Will Be Provided.



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